We’re an offshore development company that provides web, app, software and complex development services to startups, scale-ups and large enterprises in the UK, USA and Europe.

We’re not so good at:

1. Reading your mind, which is why request all projects to be documented so that we can spend time doing rather than trying to understand what you mean. 

2. Remembering birthdays – we can either remember deadlines or birthdays, but definitely not both.

We’re great at:

Mobile Apps 

Custom Software



Analytics and big data 

Robotic process automation

E-commerce development

Alexa Skills development

ICO development 

Blockchain Apps 


Staff Augmentation 

Business Intelligence

We work on 3 models:

1. Ad-Hoc – Get access to a development resource as and when you need it

2. Contracted – Faster lead times, roll-over credits and discounted rates

3. Dedicated – Assemble your own team with the top 10% of the global tech talent pool

Why working with us is so great:

1. We’re punctual – not a single deadline has been missed (Since school days) 

2. Tech experts – a strict hiring process and rigorous QA and an awesome culture, meaning only the best of the best work with us. 

3. Structured operations – we actually have a structured way of working and handling projects rather than just running into it headfirst. 

4. Universal Coding Standards – If we need to explain this then we might be having the wrong conversation. 

5. Crystal Clear Communications – Drop us a line anytime, we’ll be on hand. 

6. Discreet – We are like ninjas, in and out without leaving a trace and we get the job done. We’re also happy to make this official with an NDA. 

7. We have great banter – we work hard, so we deserve to crack a quick bad joke at the end of every zoom call. It will grow on you with time

We like talking about:

Work. Wanna get right down to it click here.

Anything. For a nice chat over a virtual cuppa click here.

Now you’re thinking:

Are these guys a serious tech business or do they just like cracking bad jokes?

Our Answer:

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?